Enterprise Management System

Our Enterprise Management System (EMS) consists of several modules that enables businesses to automate their business processes, manage customer data, and integrate with vendors and customer systems.

Any business that manages customer data can benefit from our EMS.

  • Healthcare - The EMS was originally developed to manage electronic medical records. The system is HIPAA compliant and it can be used to collect and store patient information, schedule appointments, generate invoices, automate medical coding, and manage providers.
  • Market Research – Generate custom surveys, securely store survey data, manage customer records, manage dialer lists, store call scripts, report on results.
  • Repair Service Providers – Service providers, such as HVAC contractors, can schedule service appointments and track service calls, assign/dispatch technicians, manage customer records, and generate invoices.

There are several modules that comprise the ITWWS Enterprise Management System. Businesses can select which modules to use. If you need a capability that is not in our standard set of modules, our highly skilled software developers can build a custom module tailored to your business needs.

People Management

  • Secure management and storage of records for customers
  • Data import by customer account and work order
  • View a customer record and display a history of customer activity

Electronic Record Management

  • Secure management and storage of data


  • Enables call center agents or office staff to easily and quickly schedule appointments
  • Portal for providers/technicians to access their schedules
  • Manages holiday schedules
  • Automated provider/technician selection to determine appointment times based availability, skill set, languages spoken, and optimizes driving time from other appointments
  • Triggers reminder calls before the appointment
  • Ability to re-book/cancel appointments in the event a provider/technician suddenly becomes unavailable (sick, bad weather, etc.)

Directions and Mapping

  • Determines best driving route for providers/technicians to conduct on-site visits, including directions between visits
  • Directions are presented in a web-based interface that providers/technicians can access using a secure portal
  • GPS technician tracking, to help prove that the provider/technician went to the appointment, and to prevent fraud
  • Calculate mileage per provider/technician to determine expense reimbursement based on driving distance

Data Collection and Review

  • Mobile application that is compatible with PC/Mac, Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and tablets
  • Securely collect data and images and transmit it to a central repository
  • Automates workflow to route data to an expert for analysis, if required
  • Provider/Technician can view scheduled appointments or select customer from list
  • Communicate no-show/cancellations for appointments
  • Post completed appointments to database and view status

Work Order Management

  • Manage Calling Lists (based provider/technician availability, goals and location)
  • Goal Management, breaks down the customer list into monthly goals and reports on progress

Customer Deliverables/Exports

  • PDF / XML / CSV file exports
  • Delivery via e-mail, FTP, web service

Customer Billing

  • Bundling completed appointments into invoices (rating determined by work order rates)
  • Creation of PDF invoices
  • Integration with accounting systems (QuickBooks or similar)
  • EDI transactions (837P)

Medical Coding (for Health Care businesses)

  • Manage external medical coding or facilitate internal medical coding
  • Each exam can be coded with the latest ICD codes
  • The system allows for annual update of medical coding files, to ensure that the proper of codes list is used
  • The medical coding process is embedded in the workflow, only orders with complete medical codes move to the next step

System Implementation

The EMS we build for your business will be designed to fit your exact needs. Your EMS instance will run in our secure data center and will be supported and maintained by our expert software developers and IT technicians. We start the process by discussing your business objectives to determine which modules are required. We use the Scrum method for Agile software development. This enables us to deliver software that meets your needs and keeps our team on schedule.

Service Infrastructure

  • Scalable cloud-based architecture
  • Data is backed-up nightly and stored on an encrypted volume
  • 100% uptime guaranteed


    • Data at rest resides on an encrypted volume
    • Data transfer uses SSL encryption
    • Passwords are stored encrypted
    • Two factor authentication (optional) can be used for user login
  • SSAE16/18 SOC 1 and SOC 2
    • Data center where cloud systems reside is SOC 1 and SOC 2 audited on an annual basis

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