Industry Solutions

We have a successful track record of working with companies from many different industries, below are just a few. We understand the challenges that are unique to your industry and we strive to make your business or government agency work more efficiently using reliable and proven technology.


In today's changing healthcare industry, it's a challenge for companies to keep pace with the latest privacy laws, security regulations, and data exchange protocols. Having worked with some of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. to collect valuable healthcare information, we were able to develop a mobile application that securely transfers patient data, securely stores it in our data center, and generates reports from it. The software enables healthcare providers to identify potential health risks of their customers so that they can, in turn, use it to follow up with their primary care physician. Using business intelligence software such as Tableau, the collected data can reveal opportunities to help improve the health of customers and determine the efficiency of data collection methods.

  • Custom applications for automating and optimizing business processes
  • Mobile and PC application development
  • Secure collection, transmission, and storage of healthcare data
  • Business Intelligence reporting with Tableau
  • HIPAA compliant and SSAE 16 audited secure data center
  • Secure servers and storage for disaster recovery and off-site replication

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Logistics and Transportation

Speed and efficiency are the top priorities when it comes to keeping your logistics or transportation business running smoothly and profitably. Our software team can develop custom applications that automate your business processes and enable your in-house systems to integrate with third-party vendors. The application can report on your productivity in near real time, using a dashboard that is accessible on a secure portal website that is viewable on a mobile device or PC. We can host your systems in our secure data center and provide secure VPN connections to your facilities worldwide. Our IT team can provide technical support onsite and/or remotely to keep your systems running 24x7. We can support your label printers, office printers, scanners, wireless, warehouse computers, and office network.

  • Software development and custom data exchange interfaces
  • Support for high speed printers, duplicators, label printers
  • Systems integration of mail and parcel sorting equipment
  • Secure VPN from our data center to your facilities worldwide
  • Secure data center for hosting servers and data backup
  • Remote or on-site IT support for your computers, printers, and servers

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On-time delivery of construction projects is one of the many critical success factors for a business in the construction industry. The technology you use can result in on-time delivery or costly delays. You need reliable and cost-effective technology solutions that run with no downtime and low maintenance, and support costs. If you have multiple office locations, we can connect them securely with a VPN, using the existing Internet connections. For the mobile devices you have deployed in the field, our Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform can be used to quickly locate your crew and transmit any project changes to their mobile device. Archive your project documents on one of our virtual servers located in a secure data center and back up your office data using our secure cloud backup system. Worker safety is very important to construction firms. We offer an entire line of wearable worker safety GPS units that monitors the worker and triggers a mobile alert if the worker is in danger. More information on worker safety GPS units can be found here.

  • IT support for networks, servers, computers, and mobile devices
  • Worker safety monitoring
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage and locate mobile devices
  • Virtual servers to store and securely share project information
  • Cloud based backup for office computers and servers

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Law Firms

Quick access to client documents, research materials, and communications are important factors when running a successful law firm. We can design and build a document management system that will keep your documents secure and quickly accessible. Documents are viewable on a mobile device. Never miss a call with our cloud-based, voice-over-IP phone system that offers all of the features of a large phone system for a fraction of the price. For larger firms with multiple locations, our network engineering group can design a multi-site network and phone system that meets your needs. We offer 24x7 technical support and we can maintain your computers and securely store your archived client files in our data center.

  • Document management with Microsoft SharePoint
  • Secure cloud storage to archive client documents
  • Cloud based or dedicated phone systems
  • 24x7 technical support available worldwide
  • Network engineering, systems administration, and on-site IT support

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Your agency needs a reliable partner to deliver IT and Telecommunications services on time and within budget. IT Worldwide Services is proud to provide high quality services to our local, state, and federal government customers. We design and integrate software with complex government systems. We can provide remote and/or on-site IT support for your users. If you need network, Wi-Fi, or high-speed Internet or dedicated network connections, we can provide them worldwide. There are several contract vehicles you can use to procure our services.

  • Software development services
  • Interfaces for government systems
  • Remote help desk or on-site IT support
  • SharePoint services
  • Internet and dedicated bandwidth

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Law Enforcement

Reliable and durable technology is important to law enforcement agencies. We can provide telecommunications to main offices and field offices using Internet, VPN, or dedicated networks. For voice communications, we offer two types of VoIP phone systems, cloud-based for smaller offices, and dedicated systems for larger multi-site offices. If you have mobile devices deployed in the field, our mobile device management system can be used to track the devices and remotely wipe a device if it is lost or stolen. For video and audio recording, we offer mini DVR units (made in the USA) that can be used in small spaces for covert operations or in the office to record interviews. More information about the mini DVR units can be found here. We have a license plate recognition system that can be connected to a look-up database and customized for your application. For GPS tracking needs, we have a line of GPS tracking equipment that is designed to be used to track individuals, vehicles, or items. To ensure the safety of officers, we have GPS units that monitor the officer's safety. In the event of a problem, the unit will send their GPS coordinates to a central station so other officers can respond. More information about the GPS units can be found here.

  • Covert mini DVR equipment for video surveillence
  • Covert GPS tracking devices and license plate recognition (LPR) systems
  • Mobile device management (MDM) for iOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices
  • Internet, VPN, or dedicated communications for main office and field offices
  • Cloud-based VoIP or dedicated phone systems
  • Secure servers and storage for disaster recovery and off-site replication

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Schools, colleges, and universities are constantly under pressure to do more educating with less money. As a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver cost effective technology solutions to educators. We offer free Microsoft Office 365 email accounts for an unlimited number of faculty and students and free web versions of Microsoft Office applications. Our technology experts can team-up with your school's administration and central information technology department to provide the latest software and hardware in a planned and cost effective way.

  • Web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook
  • Desktop version of OneNote
  • Class and Staff notebooks
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) groups
  • Self-grading quizzes with Forms
  • Digital storytelling with Sway
  • Email with 50 GB mailbox
  • File storage and sharing with unlimited OneDrive storage
  • HD video conferencing
  • Microsoft Teams, a digital hub that integrates the conversations, content, and apps your school needs to be more collaborative and engaged
  • Enterprise video service for creating, managing, and sharing videos securely across an organization
  • App development without writing code to extend business data quickly with custom web and mobile apps
  • Workflow automation across apps and services to automate business processes without writing code
  • Inform and engage with communication sites and team sites throughout your intranet using SharePoint
  • Unlimited email storage with In-Place archiving
  • Advanced email with archiving and legal hold
  • Compliance solutions with a unified eDiscovery center
  • Rights management, data loss prevention, and encryption
  • Create online classrooms for Office 365 Education, Microsoft Teams, Intune for Education, and third-party applications
  • Unlimited number of users

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