Loner IS

Loner IS

Intrinsically Safe Worker Safety Monitoring

Loner IS is the first comprehensive remote safety monitoring device that is Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, and G intrinsically safe. It exceeds requirements for lone worker safety monitoring as mandated in some regions of the world, while being easy-to-use and deploy.

Knowing the moment an employee falls or loses consciousness can make all the difference in delivering prompt attention to the individual, possibly improving the outcome of his or her situation. Knowing the employee’s precise location enables monitoring personnel to deliver help for an effective, pin-point emergency response. A cellular service plan is required, please contact us for details.



Safety Alert Types

Emergency Latch, True Fall Detection®, No-Motion (man-down) Alert, Silent Emergency (duress) Alert, Missed Check-in Alert.

GPS & Cellular Technology

Real-time and scheduled GPS tracking; Ultimate Sense® 2 optimized GPS antenna; Store & Forward: buffers data when out of coverage and forwards when back within coverage.

Instant Safety Alerting

Communicates Safety Alerts to Blackline Background Services. Safety Alerts communicated to monitoring personnel via email and SMS. Loner® Portal displays all alerts, contact info, location data and statuses.

Durable Safety Device

Built to withstand a 6 foot fall onto concrete. Designed to meet IP65 ingress protection against weather and dust.


Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D and Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, and G Intrinsically Safe.

Size & Weight [W x L x D]

Size: 63 mm x 107 mm x 22 mm (2.48 in x 4.213 in x 0.87 in);
Weight: 120 g (4.2 oz).

Safety Features

Fall detection technology: Tri-axis accelerometers, tri-axis gyros, plus software processing; Emergency latch: Like a personal fire alarm, release the latch to trigger emergency alert; Worker motion monitoring: Configurable time window (1 – 10 min); Worker check-in (optional): Required check-in period (5 – 180 min).

Buttons & Indicator Lights

Power button: Power on/off; Acknowledge button: Check-in, Silent emergency, Cancel pending alerts, Acknowledge alerts; Emergency latch: Send emergency alert; Red indicator light array plus vibration and buzzer: Safety alert triggered; Green indicator light: Blinking (powered), continuous (connected).

User Notification

Indicators: Acoustic buzzer, LEDs, and vibration motor; Acoustic buzzer sound pressure level: ~90 dB @ 10 cm (~90 dB @ 3.94 in).

Assisted GPS

Radio: 20 channel high sensitivity, mobile assisted; Antenna: Internal Ultimate Sense 2® GPS antenna for weak GPS signal conditions; Accuracy: ~5 m (16 ft) outdoors, ~50 m (165 ft) indoors; Real-time location turnaround time: ~20 sec.

Alert Messages

Fall detected, Emergency, No-motion, Missed check-in, Low battery, Power off, Silent emergency.

Mobile Messaging Methods

Email; Text message (SMS)

Power & Battery

Rechargeable Li-ion battery: 750 mAh capacity; Battery life: 9 hrs continuous operation; Charging connector: 4 pin sealed connection.


Storage temperature: -30° C to 75° C (-22° F to 167° F); Operating temperature: -20° C to 55° C (-4° F to 131° F); Charging temperature: 0° C to 45° C (32° F to 113° F); Ingress Protection: Designed to meet IP65.


FCC Part 15 Subpart B; FCC ID: QIPBGS2; Industry Canada 78-30A-BGS2; PTCRB type approval; Intrinsically Safe: Class I, Division 1; Groups A, B, C, and D; Specific Absorption Rate.

Device Requirements

Activated service plan; wireless communication coverage; GPS coverage for GPS locating.


One year limited factory warranty.

Loner Portal Web App

Features Include: Alarm banner; event history; device location mapping; device man­agement; alert & notification settings and more.

Wireless Coverage & Activated Service Plans

Wireless coverage: ~150 countries; Group A: ~80 countries.

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